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KMNR is brought to you by the stations founder and presenter Headley Dennis, aka Dr. H. 
Kiss Mi Neck Radio was brought to life by Dr. H after years of working has a radio presenter for a few stations in and around the  Manchester, UK. Radio stations such has north Manchester radio, legacy radio, hope Adventist FM and Diamond Radio.

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Kiss Mi Neck Radio is a new Christian radio station that is quickly becoming the go-to station for music, discussion, and interviews from a Gospel perspective. With a team of committed individuals, we strive to educate and activate our listeners on social issues and concerns, always offering support and advice.

Whether you're tuning in for the latest hits or deep theological discussion, Kiss Mi Neck Radio is your new home.

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We have a request feature that allows you to request your favourite song, we would love to share special shoutouts to our listeners on KMNR. You can send us a SMS message with your song or shoutout requests at:

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Headley Dennis

Kiss Mi Neck Radio- Founder and Presenter

Desmond Hibbet aka Dan Dibaptist


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About Kiss Mi Neck Radio

by Headley Dennis

I would like to express my gratitude to Pastor Michael Simpson for his early support of my career in radio broadcasting. He was the one who first gave me the opportunity to join him on his show on Princess Street in Moss Side, Manchester and later invited me to join him at Radio Diamond Studio for a month-long series of broadcasts. His support was vital in helping me reach a wider audience and gave me the foundation to pursue my passion for radio.
After my month-long stint at Diamond, I felt compelled by the living Spirit of God to inquire about any open positions for a radio presenter. I approached the then station manager, Uncle Ness, and asked if he had any available slots. His response was something that I will never forget, as he said, "Funny enough, yes I have a slot and I have been watching you for a whole month while you were here. Your mannerisms and conduct would be ideal for this position." However, he went on to mention that the final decision was not up to him and that Uncle Dexter, the sole owner of the station, had the final say. Fortunately, Uncle Dexter welcomed me with open arms and made it clear on the guidelines and rules that he would like to see implemented.

After living and working in Manchester for 16 years, I felt it was time for me to move on to a new adventure. I have always had a strong connection to Scotland, as my mother was from Glasgow. I had visited Scotland on a few occasions and was moved by its beauty and natural surroundings. I wanted to embrace and learn more about my Scottish heritage. I landed on its shores by national coach from Manchester on the 28th of December 2019 and had a full night view of the ancient, now modernised city of Edinburgh.
I spent a few weeks in the capital city before moving to Corstorphine, where I stayed for three months. During this time, my passion for radio and presenting took hold of me and I began to look for radio stations that would welcome my years of experience and willingness to share and grow. 

I had a few openings but they were not the kind of environment that I wanted to settle in. I continued to search until I came across a station located in Haddington. What was so ideal about this station was its location, as I had applied for a private rented apartment in Haddington, where I was offered an apartment on the high street. 

"After a time in prayer, and a few
discussions with trusted friends,
Kiss Mi Neck Radio was born"

The radio station offered me a position as a radio presenter on the condition that I would show devotion and willingness to get involved in community affairs, so the image of the station would be seen as active and giving advice and support where needed.

Unfortunately, the start of the Covid-19 pandemic meant that I could not do my show and was not allowed to visit the station due to guidelines that only allowed for two people in a given space. Despite this, I sent an email and text to the appropriate persons indicating that I was still interested but did not receive a response.

So, I settled with the thought that after the challenges of Covid-19, I would be well on my way to the presenter's chair and getting on with the task given. However, I was still working as a security officer and travelling back and forth from a town called Portobello.

After a time of prayer and a few communications with trusted friends, I knew that I had to pursue a career as a radio presenter.  I also knew that I would have to create it. That's when Kiss Mi Neck Radio was born. The radio station aims to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of Haddington and Scotland, giving support, encouragement, upliftment, and looking at areas of human holistic development. 

I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to involve more individuals in the mission to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and informative content. My goal is to be proactive in addressing social issues and providing support and wise advice where possible.

As we continue to grow the listenership, I want to express my gratitude for the prayers, ideas, and support that have helped us get to where the station is today. I couldn't have done it without you. Your continued support is invaluable as the station strives to expand the reach and make a positive impact in the community.

Thank you for tuning in to kissmineckradio.co.uk. Together, we are growing and making a difference. Let's continue to make a positive impact in the world, one broadcast at a time to the glory of God.

Kind regards
Headley Stuart Dennis, AKA Dr H
CEO and Head Presenter"


Our Event's Schedule

Top speakers on red hop topics

Sept 2022

Swami - Swipe Pages - 11 AM

Lunch Recess - 12PM

Andy Jr - AMP Project - 1PM

Ram - Brand Exponents - 3PM

November 2022

Josh Doe - DigiBeat - 9AM

Natalie - Tinga Creatives - 10AM

Hektor - Designer World - 11 AM

Lunch Recess - 12PM

Pollock - AMP Project - 1PM

Isabelle - Privito 2PM

Randy - Just Buzz - 3PM

Closing Statements - 4Pm

What they say

“The networking is just terrific. The conversations you have, the relation-ships you build, they’re worth every single penny.”
Amy Piper

Pied Piper

What they say


Kissmineck radio is so powerful.......it has brought me closer to God and to our brother Jesus christ.  Recently I had to attend for the rhema feast and this was my first time . I saw God's glory .
Dr Headley am humbled.  Your teaching makes me hunger for God's words.  My neighbours can testify the same and they are also tuned in.  Cool music and the speakers are waaauuuu....so powerful.  I can now read the bible well and understand unlike before. God bless kissmineck


This station is awesome, from the start I have felt engaged and refreshed by the comforting words of the host. The topics have always been so interesting and meaningful and in its own right has brought me closer to the Lord and seeking more from him. I recommend listening to this station as It might just turn your life around. It has flicked a switch in me that has opened my heart and eyes to what I'm truly capable of in the Lords eyes.

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